[above] Serrated Table  | 2016, Blackwood with handcrafted parquetry, 950 x 2050 x 770 mm.

[above] Granger Hall Table  | 2016, Oak, 1600 x 320 x 800 mm.

[above left] Curl Server  | 2016, Walnut, 440 x 420 x 55 mm.

[above right] Wave Server  | 2016, Walnut, 430 x 250 x 50 mm.

[above] Casuarina Seed Pod  | 2016, Casuarina, Blackbutt, Red Ironbark, 500 x 350 x 12mm.

Medium wall mounted panel with hand-crafted parquetry.

[above] Protea  | 2016, African Yaya, Australian Ash, Red Ironbark, 755 x 670 x 12mm.

Large wall mounted panel with hand-crafted parquetry.

[above] Pinecone Cabinet, Banksia Cabinet & Banksia Leaf Cabinet  | 2015, American White Oak, Blackwood, Ash, African Yaya, Blackbutt, Brass.

Small wall mounted cabinet with hand-crafted parquetry.


[above] Triangulation Chair  | 2014, American White Oak and plants, 850 x 850 x 600mm

Hand cut joinery, with built in sections containing edible plants.


[above] Blackwood Sideboard   2014, Blackwood, 1500 x 500 x 400mm

Hand cut half-blind dovetails with parquetry push doors. Solid Blackwood body with veneered shelves and doors.


[above] Collect, Contain, Display    2013, American White Oak, stainless steel and milk paint.

Rounded brick-laid Oak, with three rotating doors.


[above] Cactus Chair Finials   2013, Jelutong and milk paint

Hand carved assorted cacti as part of the ANU CASS Office and Student Lounge fit out.


[above] Study Table   2012, Blackwood and Ash

Moveable study desk, legs double function as handles